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Alloa CodeJam: Where Coding Meets Fun!

  • Date: 02/11/2023 10:15 AM - 02/11/2023 02:15 PM
  • Location CO.Lab, 1 King Street, Alloa FK10 1LA, UK (Map)
  • More Info: Co- Lab offices


In our ever-evolving digital landscape, coding isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. That's where Alloa CodeJam comes in, blending education and entertainment in a dynamic, hands-on experience.

Get to Grips with the Basics

The session springs to life with interactive exercises featuring our friendly educational robots: Dash and Dot, as well as Sphero. These nifty gadgets offer a compelling way to break the ice and get you acquainted with the cornerstone concepts of programming.

Level Up with Scratch

Ready for more? You'll then jump into Scratch, an intuitive visual programming language designed with beginners in mind. Here, you'll craft simple but delightful games and animations, getting you one step closer to coding mastery.

Create Your Own Mini-Game in a Thrilling CodeJam

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for—our exhilarating CodeJam finale. Guided by experienced mentors, you'll tap into MakeCode Arcade, an online game development platform, to create and share your very own mini-video games. It's not just educational; it's an absolute blast!

By the end of Alloa CodeJam, you'll walk away with newfound coding skills, a sense of accomplishment, and maybe even a passion for programming. Are you game?